Jeremy Scott, Cofounder

If the fate of the world were to rest on my ability to write a website bio that is both truthful and comprehensive, we would surely all perish. Thankfully, I’m quite good at writing website bios that are full of holes and outright lies, so this was a breeze.

I’m 147 years old, with Masters degrees in three different subsets of Ju Jitsu, and a black belt in Geology. I hate all kinds of cheese—except brie, obviously—and I can’t stand soft drinks, donuts, or hamburgers. In the last presidential election, I voted for “Beets.”

Some say that I'm a mystery, but only because I encourage them to do so. Those who don't know me describe me as "exceedingly cool." The best way to really get to know me is to go and find yourself a NAVY SEAL, get their life story, and then multiply that by an awesome-factor of 3.

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Chris Atkinson, Cofounder

Chris has worked as a consigliere for three crime families.  His experiences led to consulting work with Robert Duvall, who of course used Chris' unique insights to win an Academy Award for his work on Tender Mercies as country singer Mac Sledge. 

In 1985, he painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, paintings that visitors can still see today, and have become quite popular over the last decade or so.  In 1987, Chris spent the entire year as a misunderstood genius, and remained that way until model Kathy Ireland was able to successfully explain his genius to a guy who wanted to be a Harvard grad. 

Chris caught wind of Ireland's "Great Understanding" and they soon got married in a secret ceremony on the Western Cwm of Mount Everest.  It was a ceremony so secret, Ireland tragically did not know about it and married some other guy.  Chris knows a lot about video.  

(For a “real” look at our experience, please check out our Work page).